My brand new Fringe World show opens next week!


Dolls, have you heard about my new show for the gorgeous Fringe World festival? Here's something my Producer put together, but all you need to know is it's starring me, some beautiful Perthonalities as my ball people assistants, plus some chats with all my fans in the audience. 

Read below and if you RSVP on Facebook I'll know you're coming, because that's always reliable isn't it dolls! Xxxx Shazza <3 

Plus I have a limited amount of discount codes for my fans. Use SOFAMOUS for $5 off tickets via (or use FABBO on preview nights if you want to come to those!)

Famous Sharron is very famous for nothing at all, come and see what all the racquet is about! Married three times, and even better at divorce, Shaz is a relationship expert.

Join her as she finds out if there is such a thing as the 'perfect match', does it matter how much you score* or just that you scored at all? 
*Everyone scores a Gift Bag

"Queen of the Fringe" - The West Australian
"The darling of Fringe and the queen of the selfie" - Out In Perth

Winner - Spirit of the Fringe - FRINGE WORLD 2014
Winner - Best Marketing - NZ Fringe 2014
Winner - Best Individual - PRIDE Festival 2016
Winner - Best Promotions - Bike Week 2017

Famous Sharron Announces Tour To Sydney for No Reason At All

Famous Sharron

Famous Sharron, a proud ‘Perthonality’ and multi-award winning celebrity has announced her first ever Sydney tour.

Famous for nothing at all, Sharron will be touring for no reason at all.
She will be appearing at various events to make no announcements, and visiting multiple Sydney hotspots.

She’s more than happy to help anyone or anything get almost as famous as her while she’s in town.

Celebrities she’s helped include Joel Creasey, Jessica Mauboy, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Samantha Jade, John ‘Burgo’ Burgess, Pete Murray and more…

Follow her tour updates on the socials by searching
‘Famous Sharron’ - two R’s, one of them’s silent.

Tour Dates
Landing in Sydney from 11th – 18th October 2017

For More Information

Download full Media Release - Click Here
Famous Sharron's Website - Click Here
Famous Sharron's Facebook - Click Here

Are you Famous Sharron's new FAME Assistant!

Famous Sharron is very famous for nothing at all. 
She is the master of the #selfie but she also has a team around her making her more famous every day. This is an opportunity to join that team.


The Role

You are the perfect celebrity accessory. You are pretty good with a camera and know how to frame a breakfast for a delish Instagram post. You can deal with stress, boredom and adrenalin all in the space of an hour without losing it and love a good giggle. You are a team player, ready to offer your input and receive feedback; whatever it takes to get the right take.


This is a paid position on a casual contract.
The Gelo Company are now taking applications for the position of 'Fame Assistant' to work exclusively with Famous Sharron.

Key Duties

  • Document and follow Famous Sharron at key events or just being famous (camera provided or you may choose to use your own)
  • Collaborations with Gelo and Famous Sharron to create online video content 
  • Editing of video content 

Essential Criteria

  • A sense of humour, love of the ridiculous and basic editing skills
  • Drivers license and access to reliable transport (locations will not always be central)
  • Access to a computer and video editing software 
  • An awareness of Famous Sharron and interest in working with her directly
  • Be happy to work for a company who hold the following values 

Bonus Criteria

  • Experience in filming and editing
  • Previous experience or networks in comedy, fashion, fame, arts, glitter production or performance

Suitable Applicants

We are not looking for a professional production company; Famous Sharron already works with a number of those for larger scale projects.

This position would ideally suit someone breaking into the media industry, who may be studying media, film or journalism and is interested in gaining experience in a unique paid role.

This is an exciting role for the right person and we'd love to know if that's you.

FAQ (Fabulously Asked Questions)

What is the time commitment?
Shifts are generally in three hour blocks, with 2-3 scheduled per month.
This may increase during peak periods or show seasons - and are usually scheduled be on weekends or evenings with plenty of notice.

Do I need an ABN?
No, you would need a Tax File Number and be eligible for work in Australia.
You will be paid casual wages through The Gelo Company payroll system. 

To Apply

Applications are now open and may be submitted in whatever format you see fit via email.
It's particularly useful if you include:

  • Why you are interested
  • What you think you could offer  
  • Any experience or examples of your work (if you've ever filmed or documented something before)
  • Anything else that could get you across the line to an interview

Send your applications by email; please ensure they are received by The Gelo Company no later than midnight on 30th September 2017.

Please do not send files over 10MB in size - please link to Dropbox or other file sharing applications. 

Application Deadline - Midnight 8th October 2017

Posh Frocks for Premmies

Every year around 3,000 babies arrive early... very early dolls... 

And just like when you have a guest arrive too early for a dinner party; everyone gets thrown into a spin. Nothings quite ready, everyone's in a fluster and you're not even sure what to feed them. 

Luckily we have incredible parents, doctors, midwives, nurses and researchers that support families through this difficult pre-term period but it's a dangerous time for young babies and can result in lifelong health complications.

The wonderful people at the Women and Infants Research Foundation have launched the WA Preterm Birth Preventative Initiative (try saying that five times fast) alongside the whole nine months campaign are aiming to reduce pre-term births by 35% by 2019 - which will impact over a thousand families.

To raise awareness and funds they're asking for your help, but not your $$ dolls.
All they need is a posh frock, something lovely you wore once or twice but mainly lives in your wardrobe - something the hospital staff can buy from the King Edward charity shop to wear to the King Edward Memorial Ball (which I'll be hosting!).

It's too easy isn't dolls?

You donate a frock.
Someone buys it.
Money is raised.
Everyone feels fabulous!

To donate just drop the frocks off to King Edward Memorial Hospital before the 19th of June or look out for announcements of drop off locations near you.

You can even start a frock-collection at your workplace or community centre and I'll come out and get a photo with you if you have collected over 20 frocks to make you famous!

Read the story of Pamela & Matthew who are one of the inspirations for this cause.

How to take a selfie

Darls, I take so many selfies with fabulous people, but even the regulars can make simple mistakes to make a selfie-fail. In three easy steps go from this to this!

Selfie-Sailor Tips

1. Hold the camera high above your head – not directly in front! Like it’s mistletoe and you’re excited about thorny plants and sloppy kisses.

2. Extend your chin out as far as possible – even if it’s uncomfortable. You have to work hard for beauty dolls!

3. SNAP!

Here's one we prepared earlier.

Common Sailing Accidents #1 Holding the camera too low – darls – work your biceps! A simple lift and kilo’s will shift!

Common Sailing Accidents #2 Trying to fit in a chin – many people will ‘pull back’ to try and fit in a photo. Don’t be afraid to point out selfie-training tips to friends to make sure you all look upwards and fabwards!

Common Sailing Accidents #3 Letting Other People Take the Selfie - take control so you don't look like a mole!

Thank you to photographer, Esther Longhurst. One of my favourite paparazzi's - always getting my good angles!

How to Fashion

This was published in Out In Perth back in 2014, and I have to say dolls, my advice still stands!

Read the full article here...

The darling of Fringe and the queen of the selfie presents her fashion tips for summer.

If you don’t care about fashion, you don’t care about yourself, dolls. It means everything. If you wear a balaclava you’re a robber, if you wear Crocs you’re a lesbian, if you wear a frown you’re my mother-in-law.

This summer the fashion magazines are all about florals and morals, pastels, golds, silver, logo prints and pleats.

I like flowers dolls, but I prefer the 3D kind, pin them to your hair, clothes or kids and they look fabulous. Pastels are the water-colour painting of the fashion world, only your Great Aunt Mabel loves them more than you do.

Golds and silver outfits are not just for sci-fi movies, and finally someone brought them to planet Earth, now if we just had more sequins and less sequels the world would be a better place. And of course, a good logo or bold label print never goes astray if you want to show everyone how PRADA you are of your outfit, even if it’s a fake dolls!

One of the most exciting fashions for summers is the animal prints, we all know leopards love the beach, put on that Zebra jacket and be the cougar you know is inside you. Fashion magazines will tell you to layer with blacks, reds or block colours, darls I couldn’t agree less. Don’t be afraid to bring all the animals together in one outfit. Now you’re like a walking Noah’s Ark and you can model for Zoo Magazines!

Trends are fun, but they’re not for everyone. Follow your heart, whether you’re a floral-moral or a tart. But always obey Famous Sharron’s top-tips for fashions.

1 Be different. Pastel, that’s a type of crayon, I vote for rayon!

2 Be bold. Like Gaga in a butchers shop.

3 Be stupid. In the end all we have are our memories, make yourself memorable.

4 Be happy. If you’re glowing, your look will.

5 Stretch it out. If your summer body is a season behind, there’s nothing a bit of flexible material can’t stretch over and hide.

Even if you don’t pay attention, other people do, so start taking notes dolls!

There’s no shame in fame darls, dress like a star and you’ll feel like one too.


A few of my favourite things!

Everyone’s getting excited for the Garage Sale Trail – and as one of their celebrity ambassadors I was asked about my fave things in the HOME section of the Sunday Times…

Here’s the full list dolls – life advice for with them comes for free!

Lipstick – If you have nothing else, have your fave lipstick. In a tight spot it can double as cheek rouge and even eye shadow. I could survive in a jungle and still look fabulous with this.

Feather Boa – Second only to sequins and glitter, feathers are my fave thing to ‘Shaz’ up an outfit.

Sheggings - Sharron-Leggings.
These are my signature leggings with pictures of me on them. I’m like a real estate agent, I have to put my face on everything. The latest range is my biggest seller – the Shalaxy (Sharron-Galaxy).

Lisa T Skull Money Box – I had designer Lisa Tonkin on my show with Gamble Breaux from The Real Housewives of Melbourne. She was such a doll and showered me in gifts from her design range. I love the little sparkle skull. I’d hope it’s what mine would look like if you X-rayed it.


Selfie Stick – This is my fourth selfie stick. I take thousands of selfies and the sticks don’t last long. They take amazing photos, especially when I’m in them.

Vintage Dress – All my staff are about a decade younger than me and love vintage shopping. Whenever they see ruffles, sequins or leopard prints, they grab them for me. They’re like little presents from the past.

Britney Spears Perfume – You have to smell good to look good. I always spray a bit of ‘good luck Britney’ before any show.

Rainbow Clutch – This was a gift from one of my office girls. It’s vintage – like my mum!

8 Reasons You'll Love Famous Sharron

Darling fans, I just found this article on me, follow this link to see this article in full colour and pictures! Thanks to The Queer Av for always being so supportive.
You can find them on the Facebook & Twitters xx Shazza

In the suburbs of Perth there lives a woman; a woman like no other. Her fame is something to be inspired by and her use of glitter and colourful outfits something to be flat out jealous of. I don’t even need to say the name, you know who I’m talking about already right? Famous, colourful, glamorous, funny and…FAMOUS. Oh what the heck, it makes me feel a little closer to fame every time I say it; it’s FAMOUS SHARRON.

I finally had the opportunity to see a Famous Sharron show on Sunday night at Fringe World (Famous Sharron – The Fame Game). I have to say, she definitely made me LOL throughout the whole show with her quick wit, performance routines and interviews. It’s definitely something you need to see at some stage in your life.

To get an idea of what to expect from a Famous Sharron show and reasons why you’ll love her I thought I’d come up with a list of some of my favourite things about her performance fromthe show I attended last week.

1. When she entered the room: There’s a certain buzz around her,  you can just sense her presence when she’s near. Either that or hear her, she has a very distinctive and loveable voice.

2. Touching People: This generally happened right throughout the show. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting in the first couple of rows you might get an offer to soak up some of her fame.

3. Pink Couch: Every time she got off her blow up pink couch and nearly sent her guests flying backwards.

4. Lip-syncing: Yep that’s right, all famous people do it.

5. Her team of talented and fabulous Famettes (Perth’s top improvisors – The Big HOO-HAA!). On the ball and ready to make everyone laugh.

6. Making People Famous: James McHale (ABC) and Sarah Jamieson (Olympian & 1500m record holder) were guests on the show. I can’t say I’ve heard more in the press about them since Sunday but I guess not everyone can be as famous as Famous Sharron.

7. Being Quick Witted: When someone from the audience said they were famous amongst their friends for having sex with a “fat chic” Famous Sharron replies with saying her husband does that every night and loves it, then proceeds to break out into dance.

8. Appreciation of her fans: After the show Famous Sharron was talking with and taking selfies with her fans. A true sign of appreciation.

What are some things you love about Famous Sharron? Share your favourite moments in the comments below.