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 Recipe - Lemon Myrtle Chicken Nuggets

Until I met Marissa I had no idea there were so many Australian herbs and spices I’ve never heard of. They are delicious, and have such a unique flavour. Once you’ve added some lemon myrtle to your cooking… you’ll probably start adding it to everything.
Marissa from Bindi Bindi Dreaming showed me how to make this simple recipe, that even someone who can’t cook (like me) can cook.

Get yourself some native ingredients

Here are a few places you can find them.

  • Kakadu Plum Co

  • Oztukka

  • The Bushfood Shop

  • The Source Bulk Foods

  • The Outback Chef

  • The Bushtucker Shop

  • The Outback Spirit… and more!

  • Or you can visit the Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery in Western Australia and they have them too.

Thank you to Bindi Bindi Dreaming

Marissa gave me her fab and easy recipe - and you can watch the video demo below.
You can join her for an Out to Country tour, book catering or find her doing demos and more.
Say hi to Marissa here.


2x 500g chicken mince

1 onion thinly diced

Half cup lemon infused oil (or normal olive oil if that’s all you have)

2 tbl sp Lemon Myrtle

2 tbl sp Native Thyme

1 egg


1.    Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix together

2.    Roll mince into balls and / or flatten into patties and cover in bread crumbs

3.    Cook until browned and eat and enjoy with family or friends


For extra flavours use some Australian sauces.
For Gluten Free try Lupin Bread crumbs.

Photo credit Angelo Di-Benedetto