A world of laughs

This was published in The West Australian. Interview by William Yeoman.

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Perthonality extraordinaire Famous Sharron, or Shaz, who also features at the this year's PCF with her show Famous Sharron's Love Match, agrees. As long as it's her everyone is talking about. 

"I take a selfie with someone and say 'I'm going to make you famous'. They also make me famous because they are so excited they tell all their friends. I love my fans and I would be nothing without them. But if I hadn't started saying to people 'Hello darls, I'm the Famous Sharron', I don't think it would have caught on," she says.

"But you haven't really made it until you have haters, and I need more of those. Take Kim Kardashian, a pioneer in many ways. If everybody who loved her just loved her, she'd only be a bit famous. The haters put the hot air into her hot-air balloon. And I'll know I've hit a new level of fame once I've got a strong troll group happening for me."

Shaz is also remarkable for her resilience.

"If I feel a bit down, like when I post a picture and only get 100 likes. Rather than thinking 'I'm only getting 100 likes, I'm not posting good photos', I think 'How can I post a better photo next time? How can I get 200 likes?" In this, she is an inspiration to us all, and is recognised as such by her adoring fans.

"Being me is wonderful. I'm like a Lindt ball: everybody loves me."