Bonnie v Shaz: Love All

This was published in Post. Interview by Sarah McNeill.


Did I want to meet Bonnie Davis or Famous Sharron?

That the question was asked proves how much selfie-queen Sharron has taken over Bonnie’s life.

Bonnie arrived, her face wiped clean of Sharron’s heavy make-up, plonked herself down and said with a grin, “It’s so nice to sit, relax and talk about myself for a change!

“Everyone wants to talk to Shazza these days.”

Famous Sharron is Bonnie’s alter ego. She’s a media darling, Perthonality, relationship expert and Instagram model. She’s the Kardashian of WA, famous because she says she is, and with serious aspirations to conquer the world.

And she has become her own marketing machine.

Bonnie grew up in West Leederville with open-hearted parents who took in an endless stream disaffected and drug-addicted young people.

For a while Bonnie’s chaotic home life was the subject of her stand-up comedy – until it all became too much.

“My stand-up comedy was so sad it made people cry,” she said. “Then I took the show to Edinburgh. It was emotionally and financially ruinous.”

Depressed and unwell, she told herself this is not what she wanted and this was not how it should be.

Sharon (with only one “r”) emerged when Bonnie was asked to MC a Hollywood- styled event. She decided to do it in character, though she didn’t really know who that character was, what she would say or how she would behave.

“I remember being backstage cursing myself for my stupidity,” Bonnie admitted.

But Shazza emerged as a talent agent who could make other people famous. She was gregarious and bitchy – especially about Bonnie.

Slowly Bonnie began to recognise that the increasingly kinder and more rounded Perthonality, Famous Sharron (the second “r” is silent) was taking all her work.

“I tried a bit of stand-up as me, but I struggled,” Bonnie admitted. “Everyone wanted Shazza – she’s warm, positive, funny, and people respond to us differently.

“People feel joy around her.

“Some people are disappointed when I de-Shaz.”

Bonnie is a charming, generous-hearted and savvy woman who never forgets her father’s belief that we are all born with an emotional bank balance that we contribute to or borrow from, as needed. 

“Making people feel good is such a great job,” Bonnie said.

And she’s quite happy to disassociate from Sharron and allow herself to do what Sharron wouldn’t dream of doing – walk around unnoticed.

“It’s easier to be her,” Bonnie admitted. “She’s a parody of a satire, she’s a joke but people genuinely love her and when she promises she’ll make everyone famous, they end up making her more famous.”

It’s a self-perpetuating juggernaut.

Famous Sharron has her very own leggings (Sheggings) with her face plastered all over them and a fashion label of inspirational quotes including: Be the Fame You Want to See in the World, Pose Like 

Everyone’s Watching and Don’t Get Jealous, Get Famous!

Now married for the third time, with four kids and a dog, Sharron is a celebrant and relationship expert and is taking time out of her hectic social media schedule to bring love to her fans IRL – “in real life” – at the Perth Comedy Festival.

Famous Sharron’s Love Match will attempt to bring audience members together. Singles, happy (or not) couples and mixed doubles are all welcome to see if Sharron can ace a love match or call it a dead rubber!

Sharron makes a momentary appearance: “If you love yourself as much I love me, everyone wins!”