The Sunday Times 4 Fave Things

This was published in The Sunday Times. Interview by Chris Turmott.

Famous Sharron is 'very famous for nothing at all' and will be performing her show 'Famous Sharron's Love Match' at the Hellenic Club of WA on April 27-29 as part of Perth Comedy Festival 2018. For more information, visit

Totes Famous

If you have met me you'll know I'm a Shazpiration. Last year I released my first famous fashion label. It features all my fave sayings like 'don't get jealous, get famous' and 'pose like everyone is watching', but my fave is 'totes famous' on a tote bag. It's our best seller at

Skull Money Box

I had designer Lisa Tonkin in one of my shows with Gamble Breaux from the Real Housewives of Melbourne. She was such a doll and showered me in gifts from her design range. I love the little sparkle - I've kept it for years. I hope it's what mine would look like if you X-rayed it. 


I always carry my own spotlight so I have the right lighting for photos. I've taken over 30,000 selfies and I want people to love themselves in those photos! A good light makes it just right. 

Britney Spears Perfume

You have to smell good to look good. I always release a bit of 'good luck, Britney' before any show.

Nail Varnish Insta-Dry

Sometimes I'm doing so many events I don't have time for my weekly manicure, and nail polish takes about a year to dry so I use this Insta-Dry stuff to speed it up to a few minutes.  If your house ever gets flooded just pour this everywhere, it works a dream.

Famous Sharron Necklace

People often ask how I got famous for nothing at all, and my secret is I didn't keep it a secret. I just started telling people I was Famous Sharron and now here I am. You have to be the fame you want to see in the world. 


This was given to me by a Shaz-fan. She bought it overseas and gifted it to me in the most beautiful box for no reason except that she loved me! I've been given so many beautiful things by fans and I'll never get sick of getting presents. Oh what's that over there? It looks like I dropped a hint.