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In a world where reality television contestants routinely backstab their way into the spotlight,Famous Sharron's Love Match was not entirely what I was expecting. I'm not the biggest fan of reality television, and with this being my first proper introduction to Famous Sharron I was a little wary about what I was in for. I needn't have worried. The show was a surprisingly heartfelt romp into the world of dating gameshows packed with plenty of homegrown Aussie charm, sprinkled with pop culture references, and a healthy dose of slightly chaotic improvised fun.

Famous Sharron has become an instantly recognisable character in the Perth comedy scene in the last few years, her signature red hair and glasses always paired with the kind of wardrobe that would make Kath Day-Night jealous. Love Match was the perfect format to showcase her delightfully bubbly stage presence, encouraging even the quieter attendees to get involved with a dose of gentle persuasion. For a show where the contestants are selected at random from the audience Famous Sharron's likeable persona was an incredibly important asset. Dazzled by the bright lights and her sequinned frock, you couldn't help but be swept along as she alternated between hosting, a bit of cheeky ribbing, and just enough audience participation to keep everyone on their toes.

Her celebrity ball handlers didn't escape unscathed either, with more than a few gentle reminders to former Bachelor contestant Mack Reid (who, bless him, seemed to genuinely forget about his handheld microphone every other minute) and local journalist Michaela Carr that they weren't actually the ones running the show. These two performed their duties admirably, adding another layer of chaos to the running of the show and occasionally adding pithy commentary.

The biggest surprise of the night for me wasn't Sharron's spectacular wardrobe change at the end (although you have to respect a woman who will wear a dress with a giant print of her own face on it) but rather the way she closed out the show. In a world where comedy is often cynical, dealing with dark topics through a comedic lens, to be left on such a positive, affirming note was a welcome change. It's refreshing to hear a woman speaking positively about love and her own love life - particularly when they're onto their third marriage!

Overall, Love Match came across as slightly shambolic due to its improvised nature, a cramped stage space and a few late sound cues. But the simple, flexible format also meant that it flowed along relatively well regardless of what curve balls the participants served up. Additionally, it's the kind of show where technical gaffs merely added to the comedy, particularly when served up with a quip or two. Famous Sharron kept the show moving along at a decent pace, never leaving us to pause too long on the awkward moments, lingering instead during moments of natural schmaltz and comedy.

An undoubtedly fun show, the audience walked out of Love Match chuckling and smiling, many of them eager to get a selfie with its star. Famous Sharron might be famous for nothing at all, but she's certainly won over one pundit regardless!

Game, set and match!

Review | Famous Sharron’s Love Match serves an ace

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Given Famous Sharron’s burgeoning international superstardom it is a rare treat for Perth audiences to get up close and personal with a home grown comedy superceleb.

The home court advantage was played to maximum effect and the Famous Miss Sharron was ably supported by her celebrity ball handlers Mackane Reid from The Bachelor and local journalist Michaela Carr, who were never far from being reminded that “it’s not your show doll”, lest they stole too much of the limelight.

Beginning by announcing her status as a celebrity celebrant the audience was suitably awed and followed up with a total brag of the hotspots she’s recently graced with her presence. Highlights of her whistle stop quest for world domination included enviably exotic locales such as Port Hedland, Geraldton and Karratha. Then the matchmaking madness was allowed to begin.

Dragging audience members on stage to participate in the proceedings is a comedy staple but it’s not without the risk of having dull patrons drag down a routine. Sharron used her impressive improvisational skills to ensure not a minutiae of relationship dirt was left unturned. It was a well balanced mix of gentle humiliation and harmless fun and all participants took it in the spirit in which it was intended. This was of course the search for true, everlasting love.

If there is one takeaway from Love Match that stands as a marker of the show’s success it would have to be that when Game, Set & Match was called not a single audience member left in a bad mood. Of course it didn’t hurt that the evening’s festivities were capped off with a generous serving of celebrity selfies with Famous Sharron herself.

You’ll need to act fast if you want to get served a Love Match; one more performance is left which will include surprise celebrity ball handlers.

FAMOUS SHARRON The X-Press x-posé

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Beloved Perthonality Famous Sharron is about to star in the Perth Comedy Festival with her show Love Match, at the Hellenic Centre of Perth from this Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29, before taking the show to Sydney Comedy Festival in May. Before she gets too famous, NATALIE GILES had a few wines and a lot of laughs with Perth’s darling. Check out her new tourism video, Perth, the Place to Be… Alone, below.

So how did you get #famous?

Well, most people like to get famous through sex tapes and what not. My sex tape is really just me poking Darren in his sleep, going “wake up, Darren! Wake up!” And then the phone vibrated and I thought ‘oooh exciting!’ But no, it was just a message from Chardonnay wanting to be picked up from the club.

So tell me about the love story of Darren and Sharron?

Well, we met on RSPCWA, where you can find your perfect mate [Natalie snorts]. And I knew that he was the man for me because he was a FIFO, and I just had a feeling, and to be honest darls, he’s just so perfect it’s actually flipping annoying, you know? It’s horrible being with someone amazing, because then you realise how little you clean up. And I don’t clean up, darls, but he doesn’t remind me, but the kids remind me. They tell me all the flipping time.

What do they tell you?

Muuuummm, you left a bottle of champagne on the couch again!

As long as they don’t sit on it, break it and cut themselves…

Oh no. They know how to clean up. They know the drill. So anyway, I thought, he’s a FIFO so he’s already a winner. I’ve always just wanted someone who was there for me… one week in seven. So what a dream! And it actually worked really well for the first couple of years because he’d go away and then I’d just go out and do shows and then he’d come back and I’d be doing whatever it is that you do when you have a family. But eventually it flipped and he’d come home and babysit while I went out being famous and now it’s all perfect because he’s a stay at home dad. Or as I like to call him – a DAD.

He runs it like a little mining camp because he was a supervisor. So you know, it’s mess hall, clean up after mess hall, fitness training, all the things darls. He’s got one of those things that you wear, with all the pockets. His emergency supplies – Band Aids, whatever you need. He’s ready to go. He’s amazing. He’s disgusting.

But does he wear it to bed?

Oh, he would love to, but I don’t let that in the room. He has his own little man cave, darls, we call it The Shed. He has little things in the shed. You’ve got to separate your things. He doesn’t like the smell of Britney all over the house so I have a studio and he has a shed.

It’s important to maintain the separation of church and state, right?

Oh, it’s worth the extra $150 a week on the mortgage.

So tell me about the kids?

Well… Chardonnay is a dream. I know you’re not meant to say it, but she’s my favourite. Then there’s the twins, the boys, same father so that’s a win.

It’s kind of what you hope for with twins, though, right?

Well, I dunno, babes, sometimes in my family it’s like playing Guess Who? DNA testing hasn’t been around that long, and you know these days darls I just have the average family – 2 ex-husbands, 4 kids and a dog. You wouldn’t believe how normal this is.

But Chardonnay was my first, and I was living with my parents when I brought her up so she’s just an angel. She’s very shy, doesn’t like the public eye. She’s actually studying at the TAF-AYY. She’s one of the first in our family to do it. She’s studying at the TAF-AYY and working at the Dome-ayy. [Natalie chokes] I’m so proud of her.  It’s very fancy. She’s doing Beauty Fashion and she’s come up with names for my looks.

This one, which nobody can see right now, she calls Avatar on Acid, which viewers can’t see [Natalie loses her shit].


Shush, darls, only we know how much we’ve drunk tonight. Somewhere, someone is viewing me. I know you’re out there, darls.

So I’ve also got double leopard, like double denim but more dangerous, then I’ve got my face all over everything. You’ve seen my leggings, darls, and you can buy them at

So everyone can buy my leggings and my face goes all the way arounds them, so you can all sit on my face – you’re welcome! Merry Christmas, mum. Sit on Shazz’s face.

It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving…

It’s a combined, because they’re expensive. But Shazz is worth it. We also offer a Totes bag. Totes Famous – would you like one?


Well, I got a message from a lady who ordered one recently saying that she loved how much Britney I’d sprayed on it and that the personal message I sent her made her day. I understand now why Kim Kardashian just rolls out foundations! It’s all about the branding.

So back to the kids…

Oh right, them. So the twins are called Brad and Pitt. Their dad is Keith. No, Warren. So many husbands, so much wine, darls. Keith was the first husband, and he was obviously a mistake because our celebrity name was Sheith. Or Karren, which is my mum’s name, so that would have been awkward.

Then I had an affair with Arron, at Fame Factory, which is exactly what it sounds like – the factory of famous, where they just churn out famous people. It’s a production line, but they really don’t know what they’re doing because they were trying to make me famous for things, so they tried to teach me stuff like how to dance, and all the things I can’t do, and then I realised, “darls, I can be famous for nothing! Who needs talent, when you can just be famous?!”

And it’s worked out so well for you! So what’s next?

It’s worked out so well, like incredibly well. Hasn’t even worked out as well as it will work out, darls. This is just embryonic Shazz, for Perth only. So I do Sydney Comedy Festival next month – I’m in Sydney for the month of May – then Hollywood! You heard it here first. Straight to the top, darls.

You have something booked? Give us the scoop!

No, darls, I’m just doing what I did last year – a tour de Sydney for no reason at all. I was just there and people were going “oh my gosh, what are you doing here?” And I was just like, “oh nothing, darls, I’m just here.” I had paparazzi following me for three hours. Because I hired them. [Cue Natalie completely losing her shit.] People were beside themselves. But this is what you do these days. You create your own buzz. You be the fame you want to be in the world.

Is that your mantra?

Oh, I’ve got loads. Pose like everybody’s watching. Don’t get jealous, get famous. Famous AF – that’s a naughty one.

Oh my goodness, that is naughty! Do you just yell that at people?

[laughs] Well, I just got shirts made for my fans. But that is tempting.

Do you think they know what it means?

They definitely don’t. I think we’ll just keep it that way. Famous as famous, I think we’ll just keep it like that.

Give us more please…

Put yourself into your selfie.

Oof, that’s deep…

Yeah, I know. Don’t just own it, darls, you need to work it. You know, I’ve had a lot of virgin selfies – and this isn’t anything I’ve told anyone before – but a lot of people are like, “oh my gosh, I’ve never done a selfie before,” and I just go darls, you’re in a safe place, and if you’re not ready, just start slowly by like photo bombing or something until you’re ready, you know? Work your way up.

Like foreplay?

Absolutely! Don’t just dive in if you’re not ready. I would never take a selfie of someone who wasn’t ready, because consent is so important. If you haven’t done it before, it’s confronting, but you have to take control so you don’t look like a moll.

Oh my gosh, that should be another one! [cue wine glasses chinking in agreement]

So people are always so happy with their selfies and I’m like, darls, I’ve taken 30,000 selfies, why would they all be shit? I always make you look good. I carry my own spotlight, because you’ve always got to have the right light, or else you’ll look shite. It’s so important.

My fans right now are just levelling up. Like, I make them more famous but they make me more famous so we’re just like… symbiotic. It’s like a fame spiral. My fans are so beautiful, and I love them for all their support. It makes me so grateful, and they’re so proud of me, and it’s so beautiful because people don’t just like me for being famous, they like me for being Sharron. Not just famous, not just Sharron, but both together. That’s important. My manager and I came up with a term for them – they’re Sharron Shareholders. They’ve invested in me, and I’m giving them dividends. Isn’t that beautiful?

Find your doubles partner at Famous Sharron’s Love Match

This was published in Out in Perth.

WA’s most famous… famous person is set to make a racket at this month’s Perth Comedy Festival.

Rejuvenated after becoming even more famous at Fringe World, Famous Sharron is serving up some hot balls of love with her latest show, Love Match.


We were penciled in to Sharron’s fit-to-burst schedule for a quick chat about her love life, monstrous fame and still being Shazza from the Block.

“As you know this is my third marriage now, there’s been a couple of bumps along the way… but everyone in the room will find love. That’s my guarantee,” Sharron says of the show.

Having experienced two previous, and very public, break ups, I had to ask Sharron what she thought made her an expert on all things amorous. She told me to Google her husband.

“Darren is too perfect, it’s very frustrating. You know, someone that keeps the house clean. He’s a real stay-at-home dad… or as I like to call him; ‘Dad’. He looks after the kids, that’s why Sirri, our youngest isn’t on the Internet.”

“She’s desperate to be famous! She’s just like me, she’s a little shit. She can’t be on the Internet because Darren won’t have it. The twins don’t want to have anything to do with me because they’re 10-year-old boys, and Charrdonnay is just so shy… If we could just have a family situation happening, I could start a reality TV show already.”

As Sharron threatens to hold a casting call for new family members, I redirect the conversation to Love Match and conquering the east coast with her Sydney show.

“Well I think they’ll just be more up themselves won’t they?!” Sharron laughs.

“We have different celebrities on stage each night and every state has a few washed up reality stars that are waiting for their second coming… Courtney Murphy, god bless him, he can’t get enough of my show!”

Sharron insists Sydney is just a stopover before her big break in Hollywood, simultaneously denying rumours she will be taking her fame out of WA.

“I’m never leaving here! I may be famous in Hollywood, but I’ll still be famous in Morley Galleria as well…. If anything I’ll be more famous in Morley Galleria!”