Very famous for nothing at all.

Famous Sharron has been seen on every national TV channel, is a regular in print media and has taken over the internet. Whilst she is a proud Perthonality, still spends much of her time travelling in her jet plane to wherever she's needed.

Shaz exuberates energy and dynamic that's hard to put a fabulous finger on, yet impossible to forget.


Gimme Gimme!


Super Fabulous Packages



With Famous Sharron on the microphone, your event will shine as brightly as she does.
She's a fabulous and professional host, adding glitter and humour to conferences, formal ceremonies, community events and presentations.


Famous Sharron's unique engagement with audiences is a feast for the eyes and ears! It's laugh at first sight when she enters a room, making her the perfect icebreaker and addition to any occasion - from mining camps to conferences - she can work any crowd getting 'selfies' as she goes.

Famous Sharron will do anything to make you famous.
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