My brand new Fringe World show opens next week!


Dolls, have you heard about my new show for the gorgeous Fringe World festival? Here's something my Producer put together, but all you need to know is it's starring me, some beautiful Perthonalities as my ball people assistants, plus some chats with all my fans in the audience. 

Read below and if you RSVP on Facebook I'll know you're coming, because that's always reliable isn't it dolls! Xxxx Shazza <3 

Plus I have a limited amount of discount codes for my fans. Use SOFAMOUS for $5 off tickets via (or use FABBO on preview nights if you want to come to those!)

Famous Sharron is very famous for nothing at all, come and see what all the racquet is about! Married three times, and even better at divorce, Shaz is a relationship expert.

Join her as she finds out if there is such a thing as the 'perfect match', does it matter how much you score* or just that you scored at all? 
*Everyone scores a Gift Bag

"Queen of the Fringe" - The West Australian
"The darling of Fringe and the queen of the selfie" - Out In Perth

Winner - Spirit of the Fringe - FRINGE WORLD 2014
Winner - Best Marketing - NZ Fringe 2014
Winner - Best Individual - PRIDE Festival 2016
Winner - Best Promotions - Bike Week 2017