How to take a selfie

Darls, I take so many selfies with fabulous people, but even the regulars can make simple mistakes to make a selfie-fail. In three easy steps go from this to this!

Selfie-Sailor Tips

1. Hold the camera high above your head – not directly in front! Like it’s mistletoe and you’re excited about thorny plants and sloppy kisses.

2. Extend your chin out as far as possible – even if it’s uncomfortable. You have to work hard for beauty dolls!

3. SNAP!

Here's one we prepared earlier.

Common Sailing Accidents #1 Holding the camera too low – darls – work your biceps! A simple lift and kilo’s will shift!

Common Sailing Accidents #2 Trying to fit in a chin – many people will ‘pull back’ to try and fit in a photo. Don’t be afraid to point out selfie-training tips to friends to make sure you all look upwards and fabwards!

Common Sailing Accidents #3 Letting Other People Take the Selfie - take control so you don't look like a mole!

Thank you to photographer, Esther Longhurst. One of my favourite paparazzi's - always getting my good angles!