How to Fashion

This was published in Out In Perth back in 2014, and I have to say dolls, my advice still stands!

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The darling of Fringe and the queen of the selfie presents her fashion tips for summer.

If you don’t care about fashion, you don’t care about yourself, dolls. It means everything. If you wear a balaclava you’re a robber, if you wear Crocs you’re a lesbian, if you wear a frown you’re my mother-in-law.

This summer the fashion magazines are all about florals and morals, pastels, golds, silver, logo prints and pleats.

I like flowers dolls, but I prefer the 3D kind, pin them to your hair, clothes or kids and they look fabulous. Pastels are the water-colour painting of the fashion world, only your Great Aunt Mabel loves them more than you do.

Golds and silver outfits are not just for sci-fi movies, and finally someone brought them to planet Earth, now if we just had more sequins and less sequels the world would be a better place. And of course, a good logo or bold label print never goes astray if you want to show everyone how PRADA you are of your outfit, even if it’s a fake dolls!

One of the most exciting fashions for summers is the animal prints, we all know leopards love the beach, put on that Zebra jacket and be the cougar you know is inside you. Fashion magazines will tell you to layer with blacks, reds or block colours, darls I couldn’t agree less. Don’t be afraid to bring all the animals together in one outfit. Now you’re like a walking Noah’s Ark and you can model for Zoo Magazines!

Trends are fun, but they’re not for everyone. Follow your heart, whether you’re a floral-moral or a tart. But always obey Famous Sharron’s top-tips for fashions.

1 Be different. Pastel, that’s a type of crayon, I vote for rayon!

2 Be bold. Like Gaga in a butchers shop.

3 Be stupid. In the end all we have are our memories, make yourself memorable.

4 Be happy. If you’re glowing, your look will.

5 Stretch it out. If your summer body is a season behind, there’s nothing a bit of flexible material can’t stretch over and hide.

Even if you don’t pay attention, other people do, so start taking notes dolls!

There’s no shame in fame darls, dress like a star and you’ll feel like one too.