A few of my favourite things!

Everyone’s getting excited for the Garage Sale Trail – and as one of their celebrity ambassadors I was asked about my fave things in the HOME section of the Sunday Times…

Here’s the full list dolls – life advice for with them comes for free!

Lipstick – If you have nothing else, have your fave lipstick. In a tight spot it can double as cheek rouge and even eye shadow. I could survive in a jungle and still look fabulous with this.

Feather Boa – Second only to sequins and glitter, feathers are my fave thing to ‘Shaz’ up an outfit.

Sheggings - Sharron-Leggings.
These are my signature leggings with pictures of me on them. I’m like a real estate agent, I have to put my face on everything. The latest range is my biggest seller – the Shalaxy (Sharron-Galaxy).

Lisa T Skull Money Box – I had designer Lisa Tonkin on my show with Gamble Breaux from The Real Housewives of Melbourne. She was such a doll and showered me in gifts from her design range. I love the little sparkle skull. I’d hope it’s what mine would look like if you X-rayed it.


Selfie Stick – This is my fourth selfie stick. I take thousands of selfies and the sticks don’t last long. They take amazing photos, especially when I’m in them.

Vintage Dress – All my staff are about a decade younger than me and love vintage shopping. Whenever they see ruffles, sequins or leopard prints, they grab them for me. They’re like little presents from the past.

Britney Spears Perfume – You have to smell good to look good. I always spray a bit of ‘good luck Britney’ before any show.

Rainbow Clutch – This was a gift from one of my office girls. It’s vintage – like my mum!