Posh Frocks for Premmies

Every year around 3,000 babies arrive early... very early dolls... 

And just like when you have a guest arrive too early for a dinner party; everyone gets thrown into a spin. Nothings quite ready, everyone's in a fluster and you're not even sure what to feed them. 

Luckily we have incredible parents, doctors, midwives, nurses and researchers that support families through this difficult pre-term period but it's a dangerous time for young babies and can result in lifelong health complications.

The wonderful people at the Women and Infants Research Foundation have launched the WA Preterm Birth Preventative Initiative (try saying that five times fast) alongside the whole nine months campaign are aiming to reduce pre-term births by 35% by 2019 - which will impact over a thousand families.

To raise awareness and funds they're asking for your help, but not your $$ dolls.
All they need is a posh frock, something lovely you wore once or twice but mainly lives in your wardrobe - something the hospital staff can buy from the King Edward charity shop to wear to the King Edward Memorial Ball (which I'll be hosting!).

It's too easy isn't dolls?

You donate a frock.
Someone buys it.
Money is raised.
Everyone feels fabulous!

To donate just drop the frocks off to King Edward Memorial Hospital before the 19th of June or look out for announcements of drop off locations near you.

You can even start a frock-collection at your workplace or community centre and I'll come out and get a photo with you if you have collected over 20 frocks to make you famous!

Read the story of Pamela & Matthew who are one of the inspirations for this cause.